CyberPeace Café

A community for cybersecurity awareness initiatives

The CyberPeace Café offers a diverse range of cybersecurity awareness initiatives that fit your needs and show how cybersecurity is important for all of us. This is a community where you can find cybersecurity awareness raising and support materials for all types of needs. You can learn from others and also share your experience in the Café! 

There are innovative, engaging and fun cybersecurity awareness raising initiatives ready for you and your organisation to download and use.  These materials can empower you as there is concrete and hands-on information and tips on cybersecurity and digital topics. The initiatives featured here are created by organisations from all around the world. You can filter the initiatives based on the geographic location you are in or you can experience a world tour of digital resources!

Do you have a cybersecurity awareness raising or digital initiative you would like to feature on the CyberPeace Café? Contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you soon.

“The internet has a mind of its own. Closing the webpages or logging out of your social media accounts won’t make it forget about your online activities. The best way to stay safe is to surf safely, so learn to stop, verify then surf. Internet safety begins with you.”
Peter Okoth,
IT Operations Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

The CyberPeace Café is a community meeting place of NGOs and CyberPeace Builders where you and your organization can engage and seek help on cybersecurity matters.

If your organization has produced cybersecurity awareness materials that you believe can benefit the community, then please share them with us at [email protected].  We are seeking materials that provide clear and simple messages, are inclusive and appealing to NGOs,, are contextually relevant to different environments and address cybersecurity awareness for a non-specialist audience. Materials can be posters, video clips, cartoons, etc. The target audience is NGOs working in critical sectors.

All the materials on the CyberPeace Café are free and accessible for anyone. You can share them with other organizations, you can download them and spread awareness on social media channels.

Our focus is NGOs but most of what is recommended in the awareness materials we share does apply to other organizations. We welcome any feedback to strengthen materials we provide.  Please contact us at [email protected].  

We provide free assistance to NGOs to help them prepare for and recover from cyberattacks. Our CyberPeace Builders programme brings cybersecurity experts directly to humanitarian NGOs.   If you are working with an NGO that could benefit from this support, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

Both the CyberPeace Builders and the CyberPeace Café aim to support NGOs. The Café is a place where you can find resources from around the world that can help NGOs with  cybersecurity awareness materials. The CyberPeace Builders is an active support programme for NGOs with more specific cybersecurity needs.  It is a service that provides volunteers to assist NGOs to prepare and recover from cyberattacks.  Both initiatives are managed by the same dedicated team at the CyberPeace Institute.

If you are interested in collaborating with us on projects like those featured here, please contact us at 

The CyberPeace Institute is an independent and neutral non governmental organization.  We assist vulnerable communities and non governmental organizations (NGOs) to prepare for and recover from cyberattacks. We mobilize supporters and volunteers and amplify the impact of existing assistance efforts in cyberspace.

Disclaimer: As part of the CyberPeace Café, we provide a collection of tips and resources that we consider useful. We endeavour to check all links before posting them on this page. We only recommend external websites if we believe that they provide a helpful service or insight. The CyberPeace Institute does not take any responsibility for content developed and maintained by a third party.  Each website owner is responsible for the accuracy and legality of the content it publishes on its web pages. If you have questions about the content of a third party website, we recommend that you refer to that website’s owner directly. 

If you come across any external links that don’t work or that cause concern, please flag it to us at [email protected].