Navigating cybersecurity: Guidance for (I)CSO professionals

CyberPeace Institute

Within the SANE framework, the International Civil Society Centre and the CyberPeace Institute convened a series of SANE curated conversations to exchange know-how and strengthen the cybersecurity capacity of (I)CSOs. Based on key insights from these conversations, the CyberPeace Institute has developed a cybersecurity guidance to share lessons learned and best practices to help civil society actors better respond to cybersecurity challenges and digital threats. The guidance provides steps to better protect organisations online and highlights further relevant resources and initiatives. It addresses (I)CSO professionals across different departments as cybersecurity needs to be everyone’s responsibility. Find more information here.

The guidance focuses on three interrelated topics:

  1. Data protection and security – to equip (I)CSOs with knowledge and tools to protect the sensitive data of marginalised communities and vulnerable populations while providing essential services
  2. Prevention and mitigation of cyberattacks – to raise awareness of digital threats that can affect (I)CSOs and how they can prepare for and respond to cyberattacks
  3. Sustainable cybersecurity support for local civil society – to ensure that ICSOs also prioritise the cybersecurity of local civil society partners with whom they work.

The International Civil Society Centre was set up to support international civil society organisations maximise their impact for a sustainable and more equitable world. The International Civil Society Centre’s mission is to strengthen the impact and resilience of international civil society organisations and to support people to change their world for the better.

The Solidarity Action Network (SANE) brings together international civil society organisations (ICSOs) and their local partners to support each other when faced with undue threats and challenges to their operations or civic space restrictions more broadly. It enhances cooperative mechanisms for joint actions beyond public statements of solidarity to push back against clampdowns on civil society. The Solidarity Action Network is hosted by the International Civil Society Centre.

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