Reports & Findings

Sharing our findings with the community

Our analytical publications take different forms, from strategic analysis reports to technical blog posts and data-driven dashboards. These publications provide insights on the latest trends, emerging threats and vulnerabilities affecting the communities we serve.

We explore trends and emerging issues relating to cyber incidents taking place in Ukraine, the Russian Federation and other countries impacted by cyberattacks in the context of the armed conflict. From the sectors affected, to the types of threats they face and the most active threat actors, we provide a greater understanding of the cyber threat landscape in the 4th quarter of 2022.
We investigate a live campaign to send malspam with links to malicious documents in existing mail threads of NGOs. We partnered with two cybersecurity companies during our analysis and provided in-person support to the NGO.
We provide investigative support to an NGO who was the victim of CEO Fraud. We took action to reduce the NGO’s likelihood of being retargeted, provided analysis of logs (including financial transactions) and helped the NGO navigate the judicial system.
Looking Ahead

Upcoming Research Projects

Surveillance market

We are actively working on a research project to unravel the spyware market of today and to better understand the human and societal impact of its use across the world. We aim to provide practical solutions from our evidence-based research, addressing the issues below the surface and the root causes of the problem.


Threat landscaping

We are working on the development and production of a first of its kind, fact-based, report that provides insights into:

The report aims to provide a series of actionable recommendations about how NGOs can better defend and protect themselves from cyberattacks as well as how policymakers, private companies and donors can contribute to the protection of a sector which is often under-resourced in cybersecurity.