Collaboration WITH Civil Society, FOR Civil Society

Based on our ambition for an open, free, peaceful and secure cyberspace, we actively engage with States, non-state actors, civil society, academia and other stakeholders to advocate for: 

  • the development and/or respect of international law, rights  and norms
  • protection of Critical Infrastructure, including the healthcare sector, and of NGOs
  • international cooperation to combat cybercrime 
  • recognition of the harms of cyberattacks and incidents on people, society and the environment
  • accountability for the victims of cyberattacks
  • multistakeholder engagement  

We produce actionable insights and recommendations based on our independent data-driven analyses, research and investigations of the cyber threat landscape and harms to people and society, as well as our analysis of laws, rights and norms.  Our legal and policy contributions are shared with States, United Nations fora, European Union and other International and regional organizations, as well as civil society actors to raise awareness of the harms of cyberattacks, the impact on vulnerable communities, and action that can be taken to strengthen respect for, application and development of law, rights and norms.

Our research and platforms

Report of Expert Meeting on the development of a Harms Methodology, a standardized methodology to measure the harms and impacts of cyberattacks and incidents on people, society and the environment 

Achieving peace in cyberspace is significantly hampered by the lack of knowledge sharing on the analysis of threats, harms, laws and norms, and related paths to accountability. This Platform aims to bridge this gap and provide a mechanism to track the status of cyber peace.

Report on Cyber Transparency Value Chain: From Awareness and Understanding to Attribution, Monitoring and Sanctioning, Open Source Monitors and Observatories, jointly produced by the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies and the CyberPeace Institute.

Our policy contributions

Working Groups
and Coalitions

Our legal and policy experts actively participate, as a civil society organisation, in Working Groups and Coalitions advocating for a human centric approach and human rights in digital and cyberspace.

to UN Fora

The laws and norms related to cyber, and the use of ICTs are continually being discussed and negotiated by States at UN fora. As a civil society organisation, we actively engage and submit position papers to ensure that negotiations recognise the impact of cyber-related issues on people’s lives, respect human rights and promote accountability.

Workshops and
CyberPeace Labs

Disinformation, fake news and infodemics undermine democracy and accelerate cyberattacks. We launched the Stop Infodemic campaign to promote responsible behavior in cyberspace. 

Our calls to action

Multistakeholder Manifesto

Cybercrime continues to evolve. Action to tackle it puts at risk fundamental human rights and an open and free internet. Civil society and industry, through this Multi-Stakeholder Manifesto, provide a set of principles to guide governments in negotiations for a Cybercrime Convention at the United Nations.

Call to

Healthcare is under cyberattack. During one of the worst pandemics in history, cyberattacks are a direct threat to lives and health. Our Call to Governments appeals for the protection of medical and other healthcare facilities.

Joint Letter on CRA and Vulnerability Disclosure

Stéphane Duguin, our CEO, among dozens of global cybersecurity experts dedicated to improving the security of the online environment, urge EU policy makers to reconsider the vulnerability disclosure requirements under the proposed EU Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) in a joint letter.