The Empower Rangers

The Empower Rangers


Do you want to learn why strong passwords and two-factor authentication are so important? Or do you know what can happen if you connect to unsecured public wi-fis? What do you know about your online privacy on social media platforms? 

The Empower Rangers have answers for you! The Empower Rangers protect human rights by fighting the digital threats facing us all everyday!

Discover how important digital security is,  explained in a memorable and humorous way!

Watch their adventures in Spanish and learn about basic best practices when it comes to digital security. You are just a few minutes away from being digitally empowered!

You can find all the Empower Rangers ⚡ videos on Twitter and Instagram. Stay tuned for more adventures!

The Empower Rangers are created by Redes Ayuda, a non-governmental organisation with the mission of defending human rights in Venezuela through its collaboration with local and international organisations. Redes Ayuda uses both digital and analog social networks as its main communication tool to empower individuals.

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