Our Approach

The mission of the CyberPeace Institute is to defend the most vulnerable in cyberspace. Our mission of promoting and creating a secure, inclusive, and peaceful cyberspace landscape requires a multi-faceted approach. These approaches guide us in how we work and what we work on. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our responsible use of AI

We recognize that responsible adoption of AI requires informed, careful, strategic thought to improve the ability of our staff to carry out their human-centered work. Our principles on responsible AI usage outlined in our approach guide our daily work: data collection and processing, knowledge production, talent management, stakeholder engagement, and critical assessment of partnerships. Ultimately, they guide three fundamental activities of the CyberPeace Institute: how we create and grow expertise, how we generate knowledge, and how we make decisions. These principles will also shape our public stance on AI usage, as well as AI regulations, norms, and standards.

Our AI Journey

To ensure that our use of AI was aligned with our values and mission, we conducted extensive research, mapped our internal use of AI, and finally published our approach to responsible use of AI. 

This ongoing journey has been just as valuable as this first intermediary goal. As we move to translate our principles into concrete guidelines, we want to share our journey with others in a similar pursuit towards responsible use of AI. You can learn more about our ‘AI journey’ in the blog post below.



we need a clear AI strategy to enable our staff to align their use of AI with our mission and values.



and map ethical and responsible AI principles from academia, NGOs, and IOs.

First draft



our lens inward, mapping our internal use of AI and learn from our AI uptake in different teams in the creation of our approach to AI.

Final version



our approach to responsible use of AI to lead by example and offer a template for others to follow.



our principles into practical, internal guidelines.



with our partners and share our experiences to help other organizations build the capacity to develop their own AI strategy.

We develop products and services that make a difference.

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