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If you are complete beginners or already on your way of becoming an expert, we offer a variety of trainings from more general to specific trainings, provided by our experts at the CyberPeace Institute – you will find the perfect training for you and your organisation on this page.

New to cybersecurity?

Start with the Basics

Cyber Awareness Training

This training track has the objective to provide pre and post incident awareness as well as to increase cyber resilience. Further, we will assess your cyber hygiene practices and increase general awareness for cybersecurity.


90 Minutes
to Avoid 90% of Cyber Risks

This Board Training Session focuses on Strategic Cyber Risks Awareness and aims to improve the understanding of Cybersecurity and its strategic imperative, cybersecurity best practices for CSOs, unique position of the Board to fostering cybersecurity.



This training track has the objective to support understanding of current international treaties and norms related to the use of ICTs and responsible behaviour in cyberspace. The aim is to strengthen participation in international fora.


Want to keep up with the latest challenges?

Cyber Deep Dives

Cyber Awareness
for Boards

This training track has the objective to increase cyber resilience for Senior Management and Boards.
Further, we will assess the cyber hygiene practices in your organisations and increase your general awareness for cybersecurity.


Use of AI

This training offers Senior Management and Boards a deep dive into the evolution of AI and its dual role as a cybersecurity threat and a disruptor bringing operational opportunities and risks. The training further equips the audience with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of responsible use of AI strategy creation and implementation inside an organisation.


Cybersecurity Table-Top exercise

In our cybersecurity table-top exercises, participants have the opportunity to engage in simulated scenarios designed to test and enhance their organization's response capabilities to various cyber threats. Through interactive discussions and hypothetical scenarios, participants navigate potential cyber incidents, assess response strategies, and identify areas for improvement in their cybersecurity strategy.


Past Trainings

Cyber School 2024

Microsoft and the CyberPeace Institute teamed-up to create a unique free offer and launched a new cohort of the Cyber School, an 8-week virtual course for everyone who is interested to take their first step into a new career path. At the end, all participants receive a certificate after successfully  attending the free exam session.

No prior technical training or knowledge of cybersecurity is required. This entry-level course is for individuals new to cybersecurity.

We held this year’s spring session from February to March 2024.

Want to become a cybersecurity expert?


General Cyberawareness Trainings

For anyone who wants to learn more about cybersecurity, while improving cybersecurity awareness and capabilities we propose a General Cyberawareness Training of 1.5h.

This session serves as a general introduction to best practices of cyber hygiene and cybersecurity. No technical background is needed and this training is open to anyone interested. We propose this training in-person and in Geneva with one session being held in English and the other in French.

The cost for the training is CHF 30 per person.

The two most recent sessions were held in January of 2024.

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FAQ on our Trainings

The CyberPeace Institute extends a range of services. This means that our colleagues dispose of a very diverse expertise and their experience from practice will make our trainings accessible and lively.

We offer more general training sessions in a shorter format of 1-3 hours, as well as more in-depth and specific sessions that spread over a whole day or even longer.

Our training offer is in English. Though we do offer a General Cyberawareness Training in French.

If you are interested in a specific training, you can contact us to check the option of a French training.

A big part of our training offer is held online, so you can attend them remotely.

Some trainings can also be attended in-person in Geneva.

To know more about the pricing, please contact us and we will provide you with the cost of the trainings, you are interested in.

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