Cyber Security Awareness Songs

Cyber Security Awareness Songs


Songs to raise awareness about cybersecurity? Yes, you are reading that correctly !

Learn about cybersecurity through listening to these songs.  These amazing hit songs cover specific issues around cybersecurity and cyberspace such as disinformation and fake news, online safety and cyberbullying.   You should not miss out.  Listen now!

With a mix of Bislama, English and French, these songs will be stuck in your head and you will never forget their messages about cybersecurity!

The songs are created by CERT Vanuatu in collaboration with the well-known artists Stan & The Earthforce, Jerry Brown ft. Shilla Wilz ft. J.Styles, and Vanessa Quai. 

CERT Vanuatu (CERT VU) is the central cybersecurity information and incident response hub for Vanuatu. Its primary objectives are to respond to malicious incidents penetrating Vanuatu’s Internet and IP communications network. They work alongside government agencies and other international and national partners to help Vanuatu to be more resilient to cyber-attacks.

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