Humanity under attack

“We were attacked from everywhere it seemed and we could not do anything about it. We watched all our work unravel. Then, the CyberPeace Builders provided my NGO with support and assistance to understand and recover from the attack.”
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In a world where

There is an urgent need to help NGOs protect themselves from cyber threats.

combating the threat

Humanitarian Cybersecurity Center

The Humanitarian Cybersecurity Center (HCC) provides expert support and practical free cyber assistance to Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), tailored to their needs and located anywhere in the world.

Developed and hosted in Switzerland, operating globally.

We detect, investigate and analyze cyberattacks against NGOs. We share actionable threat intelligence with the community.

Our CyberPeace Builders provide hands-on assistance to NGOs to build cyber preparedness and resilience through risk assessments, simulation exercises and training, globally.

We provide hands-on technical and forensic investigative support and assist with incident and crisis management.

We develop standards, foster multistakeholder collaboration, and advocate for the protection of the humanitarian sector.

tactical analysis

Detect to protect

We conduct micro-level data analysis in which we detect and monitor threats to vulnerable communities. 


By aggregating data shared with us by our cybersecurity and technology partners and by mapping the digital assets of our beneficiaries we are in a better position to protect them. We detect these threats using technical data points such as indicators of compromise (IOCs) and telemetry data. Building detection rules and alerts we provide our beneficiaries with triaged information and practical recommendations to help them protect their data and systems.


the digital assets of our beneficiaries


new threats and vulnerabilities


and prioritize 

identified issues


information through timely allerts


risks and secure

digital assets 


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Cybersecurity support for NGOs


We equip NGOs with guidance and cyber-threat intelligence so they can detect upcoming cyberattacks.


We build NGO cyber capacity to prevent cyberattacks against them or their beneficiaries.


We engage with cybersecurity experts and NGOs through our volunteering platform and foster community engagement.

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