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Samoa, Vanuatu, Tonga, New Zealand, Australia, Palau, The Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Kiribati, The Solomon Islands, The Marshall Islands, Tokelau, Nauru, Tuvalu, Niue

Are you interested in becoming cyber smart and not being tricked by cybercriminals? 

Increase your cyber resilience and step up your digital safety and security by taking four steps proven to improve your cybersecurity. They are pretty straightforward to implement!

For 2021 cybersecurity awareness month, PaCSON members launch a new campaign called “Cyber Up”. Don’t wait up and take actions by upsizing your passwords, upgrading to two-factor authentication, upholding your privacy and updating your apps and devices.

Promoted by PaCSON, these awareness campaigns aim to empower local actors and communities in the Pacific region. Go through the four steps by reading the guidelines provided by the different regional partners of PaCSON. You can find material in Māori, Cook Islands Māori, Tongan and English. 

Here for material provided by MICT Samoa – Government of Samoa 

Here for material provided by CERT VU 

Here for material provided by CERT Tonga, including the CyberSmart Pacific poster (2020) in Tongan

Here for material provided by Teletok, including the CyberSmart Pacific poster (2020)

Here for material provided by CERT NZ.

The Pacific Cyber Security Operational Network (PaCSON) is an operational cyber security network, consisting of regional working-level cyber security experts and technical experts from eligible governments across the Pacific.

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