Cyber Incident Tracers

Data visualization platforms

Documenting Cyberattacks to Assess Harm

Our Cyber Incident Tracers provide independent, data-driven insights on the cyber threat landscape of the vulnerable communities we serve. They are developed in-house with data sourced through the regular monitoring of open sources by our researchers. The information is made publicly available for use by policymakers, journalists, academic researchers and others and informs our work across the multistakeholder community.  


Cyber Attacks in Times of Conflict #Ukraine

Cyberattacks and operations during an armed conflict pose real threats to civilians and the critical infrastructure they depend on. Our Cyber Attacks in Times of Conflict Platform monitors the cyber threat landscape and the impact it's having in Ukraine and beyond.

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Cyber Incident Tracer #HEALTH

Disruptions to patient care endanger lives, affect wellbeing and erode trust in the healthcare system. Our Cyber Incident Tracer #Health is designed to increase understanding of the true scale and impact of disruptive cyberattacks against the healthcare sector.