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Digital technologies affect how we experience conflict. Whether it is hate speech or fake news, or how we use digital tools for inclusion and dialogue, digital tools can help or harm your peacebuilding work and initiatives. 

So where can you start? What are you trying to achieve as a peacebuilder? 

Once you know how to reply to these answers, you will see that there are multiple options for how to use digital tools to achieve your goals. 

The Digital Peacebuilders Guide is an online toolkit designed to help you understand what you are trying to achieve as a peacebuilder, and then point you towards several digital peacebuilding options. Designed for peacebuilder practitioners and anyone interested in the topic, this interactive guide can be used for all kinds of situations and contexts. Whether it is teaching people about cyberbullying or using virtual exchange, the Digital Peacebuilders Guide offers a step-by-step set of considerations for you.

In this interactive guide, you will find guidance, examples, and links to many more resources. It works great on mobile phones and it is available in English. If interested in having the guide in other languages, you can use Google Translate to easily translate it into your preferred language such as Arabic, French, Sinhala, or Tamil.

This Digital Peacebuilders Guide was developed by Search for Common Ground & Build Up. The Guide is hosted on ConnexUs.

Search for Common Ground is the world’s largest peacebuilding organization. They help supposed enemies learn to trust each other, create avenues for collaboration, and generate breakthroughs for peace. Their mission is to transform the way the world deals with conflict, away from adversarial approaches, toward cooperative solutions. 

Build Up is a global non-profit working beside local organizations to identify and address emergent challenges to peace through interventions, research and training that combine peacebuilding best practices, participatory methodologies and digital technologies.
ConnexUs is a global learning, networking & coordination platform for you to collaborate with people in conflict-affected contexts who are addressing pressing challenges.

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