Working groups and Coalitions

A multi stakeholder approach is essential in the endeavor to build cyberpeace and advance human equity, dignity and security for all. The CyberPeace Institute is an engaged civil society actor in a range of Coalitions and Working Groups. Our collaboration and work with actors across a range of sectors aims to build greater impact and inclusivity.


Paris Call Working Group 5

The CyberPeace Institute co-led Paris Call Working Group 5 on Building a Cyberstability Index with colleagues from GEODE (Géopolitique de la Datasphère) and the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS). In November 2021 the Working Group published its final report which presents a methodology to understand how the implementation of normative, legal, operational and technical measures, or the lack thereof, contribute to stability in cyberspace and ultimately to cyberpeace. It also outlines various key findings and challenges that emerged throughout the process, such as the lack of accessible data relating to cyberstability.

Paris Call Working Group 3

Awareness-raising, communications and stakeholder engagement

The CyberPeace Institute supported the work of Paris Call Working Group 3 on Advancing the UN negotiations with a strong multistakeholder approach as a participant. This report provides a comprehensive overview of how the multistakeholder community has participated in UN sessions, and provides recommendations for meaningful multistakeholder participation in the UN cybersecurity dialogues.