Enhancing the stability of cyberspace
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Empowering the global community with the knowledge and capabilities to promote a peaceful online world

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Today, digital technologies and networked devices play an important role in the daily lives of people around the globe, even while escalating cyberattacks – often government led or sponsored – threaten to exploit these technologies to cause harm. The CyberPeace Institute works to safeguard the integrity of the online ecosystem that we all rely on by directing assistance to vulnerable victims of large-scale cyberattacks and promoting greater accountability when those attacks violate international expectations and laws.

The CyberPeace Institute in Action

Pillars of Work
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The Institute delivers assistance at scale to the most vulnerable victims of cyberattacks that cause significant, direct harm. Assistance is focused on mobilizing a CyberVolunteer Network, which will work to accelerate victim’s recovery and increasing their resilience.
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The Institute facilitates the collective analysis of sophisticated cyberattacks and investigation of the harm they cause. We raise awareness and understanding of the economic and societal impacts of cyberattacks with significant, direct harm; collaborate at a global scale on cyberattack trend analysis, and support efforts to grow expertise in this area of cybersecurity.
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The Institute reinforces and advances the role of international law and norms that guide the behavior of states and other actors in cyberspace. This includes increasing public awareness of the impacts of significant cyberattacks, and identifying and addressing potential normative or legal gaps.
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