CyberPeace Institute

The CyberPeace Institute is an independent and neutral nongovernmental organization whose mission is to ensure the rights of people to security, dignity and equity in cyberspace. The Institute works in close collaboration with relevant partners to reduce the harms from cyberattacks on people’s lives worldwide. By analyzing cyberattacks, the Institute exposes their societal impact, how international laws and norms are being violated, and advances responsible behavior to enforce cyberpeace.

We Assist

humanitarian NGOs and others are supported to prepare for and recover from cyberattacks.

We Investigate

threats and vulnerabilities affecting vulnerable communities to understand their threat landscape, provide advanced warning and reduce harm.

We Advocate

for responsible behavior in cyberspace to ensure the fundamental rights and freedoms of people are respected, whilst advancing the rule of law through a human-centric lens.

Have you been a victim of a cyberattack?
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