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The CyberPeace Institute

Cyberspace is present in all aspects of our lives. It allows us to connect, work, learn, do business, travel, create communities, and obtain essential services such as healthcare, or gain access to food and water. It ensures that we have the information and resources to understand and exercise our fundamental rights. In this, there is no offline or online. There is Human. There are billions of people connected who have the right to security, to dignity, to equity. It is our mission to achieve these rights. It is our mission to enforce cyberpeace.


We assist vulnerable populations and support victims of large-scale cyberattacks. We tell powerful stories about real people who have been impacted by cyber operations, and about those who defend them. We connect with, and speak for, those who have no voice – whoever and wherever they are.


We analyze and document the impact of attacks on human lives and how this violates the rule of law. We expose the facts to advance discussions with governments, industry and civil society. We make sure that all actors recognize their responsibilities and are held accountable for their actions in cyberspace.


At the heart of the international community in Geneva, Switzerland, we mobilize a global and diverse community to forecast future threats and decrease the harms of escalating cyber conflicts. We work collaboratively to ensure that human security, human dignity and equity are protected in cyberspace.

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All Connected, All Involved

The Internet doesn’t only connect machines. It connects us. It connects our knowledge, our communities – our rights. The CyberPeace Institute’s mission is to protect those rights. You can help us to achieve it – we are more powerful together!

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