Wall of Testimonials

Kindly provided by our valued corporate partners and dedicated volunteers.

We approached CyberPeace Institute last week for guidance and support on a cyber attack. We were introduced to the CyberPeace Builders program and we joined without hesitation. The programme is built to guide NGOs on how to improve their Cyber Security. It also raises awareness on how we operate and the areas of improvement. Truly recommended!


We received crisp and detailed advice on what needs to be done by an accomplished IT security professional at very short notice.

Fondation Suisse de Déminage

Getting competent advice from the Cyber Peace Institute is a valuable asset to work securely in today’s often virtual environment. For international working NGOs this is simply essential.

World Medical Association

Our builder helped us take our first step towards improved cyber security, and did so in a way we understood with tangible next steps.

Adventure Scientists

The collaboration with the CyberPeace Institute has already allowed us to raise the awareness of the users of our IT systems about cybersecurity, which facilitates the implementation of measures. We look forward to continuing this collaboration.


Wonderful reassuring advice during stressful moments.

Insecurity Insight 

CyberPeace helps us improve our IT security, so we can have more confidence in our systems and in our staff’s ability to detect issues that could impact our programs. 

Bridges to Development

Through the CyberPeace Builders program, our overall Cyber Security in the organization has improved. We have been more confident in tackling our Cyber Security issues as they have provided us with excellent guidance through various technical experts and this immensely helped us

Fondation Suisse de Déminage

La formation nous a apporté un éclairage bienvenu sur des solutions visant à sécuriser nos processus.

Nouvelle Planète

We support initiatives such as CyberPeace because we consider the cybersecurity of public infrastructure and of healthcare facilities to be important for safeguarding the safety and security of people everywhere.


The CyberPeace Builders helped us make major steps forward with regard to cyber security. The quality of their support made us feel very confident and opened our eyes on our risks before taking appropriate measures to mitigate them. 


helps increase data protection and security for NGOs with small IT budgets

Nonviolent Peaceforce

The excellent predisposition of the team of builders to be able to investigate and find the points of improvement, are of great contribution to us and our mission, allowing us to be better prepared for current and future risks.

Forge Foundation

The cyber security training we received was extremely helpful to raise awareness among staff about good cyber security practices.

Insecurity Insight

As a small NPO, we aren’t able to allocate resources towards cyber security: our priority is being able to support cancer patients. Thanks to Cyber Peace Builders, we were able to take simple steps towards improving our cybersecurity and were supported by professionals along the way – for free!

Look Good Feel Better Switzerland

Very simple: without cybersecurity ensured, we won’t be able to launch our product for vulnerable mothers. CyberPeace Institute’s support is crucial /  “We are well-guided in a cloudy topic with CyberPeace Builders” (Please leave it anonymous for the moment, I would prefer to make it public when we have a “good score” in cybersecurity)

Global Health Booster