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The CyberPeace Institute

We are an NGO, supporting NGOs and other critical sectors, offering free cybersecurity assistance, threat detection and analysis whilst advocating for a safe and secure cyberspace.


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We are a volunteer network

" The CyberPeace Institute strives to reduce the frequency, impact and scale of cyberattacks, and to hold actors accountable for the harm they cause. We are delivering support to Humanitarian NGOs and the healthcare sector. We engage in multilateral fora to raise awareness of the risks of cyberattacks for people, and to call for respect of their rights and laws."
Stéphane Duguin
CEO, CyberPeace Institute

Our Core Principles



The Institute reduces the frequency, harm and scale of cyberattacks by advocating for their restraint, by increasing accountability and by enhancing capabilities to prevent and recover from attacks.



The Institute is inclusive and collaborative in its work, cooperates and seeks synergies with others.



The Institute operates in sole pursuit of its mission, free from the direction, control or interference of any actors, including states, industry or other organizations.



The Institute’s work and interactions with the cybersecurity community and victims of cyberattacks seek to ensure the highest ethical and analytical standards at all times.



The Institute supports the stability and security of cyberspace, not the interests of any individual actors. As such it complies with applicable legal frameworks in defence of cyberattack victims without discrimination in terms of their geographic location, philosophical, political or religious beliefs, nationality, race, social status, gender, sexual identity or disabilities.



The Institute is transparent about its own operations and the methodologies applied to fulfil its mission.

From the CEO’s Desk

” This new series From the CEO’s Desk is a means for me to highlight some of the issues, challenges and opportunities in cyberspace that keep me awake at night, whether because they inspire or worry me!”

Stéphane Duguin, CEO, CyberPeace Institute

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