Your support is crucial for peace and stability in cyberspace

Cyber threats are only increasing. Threat actors have already stolen millions of dollars of aid money and terabytes of data from NGOs, impacting population, orphanages, refugee centres, hospitals, food banks. 

People are at the heart of the CyberPeace Institute’s concern. We are committed to protect the most vulnerable against cyber threats in the non-profit sector. 

We need your support to assist NGOs to secure their resources and enhance their resilience to cyberattacks.

50 CHF could help us onboard a cybersecurity expert as a volunteer to support NGOs

150 CHF could contribute to a general security assessment for 1 NGO

300 CHF could help us deliver a cybersecurity awareness training

500 CHF could allow us to simulate a phishing campaign to train NGOs in detecting threats

1,000 CHF could contribute to improving the cybersecurity posture of an NGO on key aspects

Become a volunteer

Our teams are always looking for cybersecurity volunteers that can help us to build cybersecurity capabilities for NGOs, and support to victims of cyberattacks.


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