Cybersecurity Awareness Posters for NGOs

Cybersecurity Awareness Posters for NGOs


Do you work for an NGO supporting local communities with health services and water treatment? Do you think that your cybersecurity can be improved? 

By increasing your and your colleagues’ cyber awareness, you secure your organisation’s critical activities and you better protect the vulnerable populations you serve! 

This set of posters is your guide to cybersecurity best practices to defend yourself and your organisation against the most common cyber threats and attack vectors. The posters tell you more about passwords, phishing emails, unsecure websites, social media and disinformation. 

The posters are available in English, French, Swahili and Sheng. Go ahead, download the posters, print them, stick them on the wall, share them with your colleagues and friends. And if you’d like to reuse them for your organization or even modify them, we’d love to help you do that, just get in touch with us.

The CyberPeace Institute created these posters in collaboration with the Kenyan communication agency Creative VMLY&R and other local experts.

“The internet has a mind of its own. Closing the webpages or logging out of your social media accounts won’t make it forget about your online activities. The best way to stay safe is to surf safely, so learn to stop, verify then surf. Internet safety begins with you.”
Peter Okoth,
IT Operations Manager

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