CyberPeace Builders

The CyberPeace Builders program enables humanitarian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to build cybersecurity capabilities quickly, for free. 

Humanitarian organizations provide critical services to vulnerable communities. These organizations are also frequent targets of cyberattacks and often have limited capacity to respond. Their cybersecurity is crucial for the people who depend on them.

We assist humanitarian NGOs to build their capabilities and protect their operations, data and resources in an increasingly complex digital environment.

Free cybersecurity assistance for NGOs

Support to NGOs
We assist NGOs with cybersecurity support through a proven and trusted program specifically adapted to each NGO. 

Expert volunteers
Our network of expert volunteers from local and international companies are matched with NGOs needing cybersecurity assistance.

Regional advisors 
Our staff manage outreach to NGOs and facilitate the support provided by volunteers enabling a local and tailored support to NGOs adapted to their specific cybersecurity needs.

CyberPeace Builders Program Partners

The program assists NGOs in building cybersecurity capacity through a trusted and dedicated network of corporate partners who provide volunteers and funding to enable the provision of this support.

A wide range of NGOs acting locally, regionally and internationally are assisted through the CyberPeace Builders program. Today more than 80 NGOs and non-profits are assisted by the Institute, most prefer not to be identified publicly.


Answers to frequently asked questions for NGOs and Volunteers.

A free cybersecurity service for NGOs to identify if their IP address and domain names are being targeted by, or are involved in cyberattacks. 

Free data transfer and storage capabilities, and other cloud services for Humanitarian NGOs in or responding to the humanitarian crisis.