Workshops and Cyberpeace Labs

We regularly convene Workshops and CyberPeace Labs to bring together leading cyber experts, practitioners and those impacted by cyberattacks to exchange views, foster engagement and collaboration.

Cybersecurity reporting: Human-centric messaging & your guide to cyber hygiene
Part I

Reporting on cyberattacks has consequences for all levels of society. Decision-makers, members of the public and industry experts are counting on civil society – such as, independent journalists, watchdogs, and newsrooms – to help explain complex cyber issues and the relevance for people’s lives and livelihoods. To contribute to this endeavour, the CyberPeace Institute is facilitating a series of workshops – the first on ransomware – to share knowledge and expertise and identify insights to strengthen human-centric reporting.

The event series is available on our channel.

Part II

This second part of the workshop provides free and effective training and tools to protect data, sources and reputation by industry experts. This is an opportunity to increase the cybersecurity posture of journalists and direct them to resources to continue to strengthen their cybersecurity.


  • Anthony Cave, Global Cyber Alliance
  • Eric Johnson, Global Cybersecurity-for-journos guru
  • Suelette Dreyfus, Blueprint for Free Speech
"We choose the themes of the Workshops and CyberPeace Labs based on evolving challenges to cyberpeace. Our aim is to leverage expertise, lessons learned and identify concrete action that can be taken to improve security in cyberspace."
Charlotte LINDSEY
Chief Public Policy Officer, CyberPeace Institute

CyberPeace Labs

Our CyberPeace Labs focus on a broad range of subjects that are relevant for the challenges of peace in a digital age.  It is important that we exchange, learn from each other, and identify opportunities for stronger collaboration.

CyberPeace Institute

The CyberPeace Café offers a diverse range of cybersecurity awareness initiatives that fit your needs and show how cybersecurity is important for all of us. This is a community where you can find cybersecurity awareness raising and support materials for all types of needs.

There are innovative, engaging and fun cybersecurity awareness raising initiatives ready for you and your organisation to download and use. These materials can empower you as there is concrete and hands-on information and tips on cybersecurity and digital topics. The initiatives featured here are created by organisations from all around the world. 

Do you have a cybersecurity awareness raising or digital initiative you would like to feature on the CyberPeace Café? Contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you soon.