Working in close collaboration with our beneficiaries, we identified their specific functional and technical needs to help them secure and/or build more robust and resilient digital infrastructure. We develop or deploy products, tools and services to address these needs and provide them to eligible organizations free of charge.


Secure encrypted file transfer

SEND is a web app that allows our beneficiaries and partners to send or receive data securely within their organization or with pre-defined recipients. Data transferred via SEND is encrypted at rest and in transit with servers hosted in Switzerland and not subject to the Cloud Act.

CyberPeace Cloud

Free data transfer and storage capabilities

Humanitarian NGOs in or responding to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine can now access free data transfer and storage capabilities, and other cloud services, in order to safeguard their data and reduce the risk of digital disruption to their operations.

Operationalizing TinyCheck

Portable stalkerware detection device

TinyCheck is a small, light and easy-to-use open-source solution developed by Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) to detect stalkerware. The CyberPeace Institute has built a number of these devices to help NGOs test their smartphones for malicious communications issued by stalkerware or any spyware.

Could you benefit from these tools?

If you are an NGO and think these tools could help you improve your cybersecurity or data privacy capabilities, we would be happy to hear from you.