Web app that allows our beneficiaries and partners to send or receive data securely within their organization or with pre-defined recipients.

Data transferred via SEND is encrypted at rest and in transit with servers hosted in Switzerland and not subject to the Cloud Act.



NGOs partnered with the CyberPeace Institute can log into the app using their organizational email address. Ex: @cyberpeaceinstitute.org.

If you want to share data with someone outside your organization, you will need to add their email address to the Allowed Email List (see point 3).

Once they have been added they can use the following registration form to receive a one time code to enter.

Upload Documents

Select the files you wish to share or drag and drop the content directly from your files window into the content box as seen in the picture.

External Sharing

​​For external users to gain access to upload or download content from SEND, an NGO member must add the external user to the Allowed Emails List through the NGO admin interface to grant access.

This can be found under https://send.cyberpeaceinstitute.org/ngo/xxxxxx. xxxxxx is the NGO operation name provided by the CyberPeace Builders, not the name of your organization.

Once permission has been granted to the email address, the user will be validated for 3 days before their access is revoked.

Request Access

NGOs partnered with the CyberPeace Institute will be granted access to use SEND upon request. If you are interested in using SEND for secure file transfers, contact the Assistance team of the CyberPeace Institute to be added: [email protected].


  • Why we created this 

To offer our community of NGOs a secure application they can use in their day to day. Providing an encrypted way to share information improves the security practice of organizations to limit third party access and information breach.  

  • Security behind

Hosted in Switzerland, under Swiss Law and not under the CloudAct. Information is encrypted at rest and in transit securing the content from third-party access. Access protected by Cloudflare and MFA.

  • Data we have access to

IP address of the connection, mail used for the authentication, we don’t have access to the file uploaded neither can we see its size. All information is encrypted at rest and at transit.

  • Provide your feedback 

Share your feedback so that we may continue to provide useful tools and services. For further information or have questions related to the app, please contact the Assistance team of the CyberPeace Institute by emailing – [email protected]


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