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The CyberPeace Institute is pleased to share that Amy Hogan-Burney, General Manager and Associate General Counsel for Cybersecurity Policy & Protection, Microsoft and Alejandro Romero, Chief Operations Officer, Constella Intelligence will be joining respectively the Executive and the Advisory Board of the CyberPeace Institute. 

We are excited to have these two leaders joining the CyberPeace Institute and bring their unique expertise and perspectives to the work of the organization in order to advance our mission of ensuring the rights of people to security, dignity and equity in cyberspace.  

Meet our new board members 

Amy Hogan-Burney, Executive Board Member 

 Amy Hogan-Burney is the General Manager and Associate General Counsel for Cybersecurity Policy & Protection (CPP). CPP includes Microsoft’s Digital Security Unit, Cybersecurity Policy and Digital Diplomacy teams, and the Digital Crimes Unit and is a global team of attorneys, security strategists, investigators, engineers, and analysts. CPP is responsible for managing compliance with cybersecurity regulations while shaping evolving requirements, advocating for digital peace and rules of nation state conduct in cyberspace, developing productive partnerships with the public and private sector to address cybersecurity and crime, and seeking to disrupt nation state actors and cybercriminals through legal and technical methods. 

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Alejandro Romero, Advisory Board Member

Alex Romero is co-founder and COO of Constella Intelligence, a leading global cyber intelligence and cybersecurity company whose primary mission is to help organizations anticipate and mitigate digital risk. Alex is also a limited partner at Ballistic Ventures, an early-stage Cybersecurity venture fund

based in San Francisco focused on addressing the growing threats to society’s digital infrastructure out of a profound sense of urgency and moral responsibility.

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