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To provide meaningful and timely cybersecurity assistance to healthcare organizations in need; To help to protect human life

GENEVA, Switzerland – June 3, 2020 – While the healthcare sector is taking unprecedented measures to cope with the pandemic, the COVID-19 crisis has been used by malicious actors to perpetrate new cyberattacks, targeting hospitals and healthcare organizations and putting at risk thousands of human lives. In the month of March 2020 alone, hospitalstesting and medical facilitiesgovernment health agencies and even the World Health Organization (WHO) have fallen victim to cyber operations. We cannot accept that healthcare workers must fear attacks against their digital infrastructure, attacks that might have physical consequences and threaten human life. 

Our mission at the CyberPeace Institute is to support vulnerable populations impacted by global cyberthreats. This is why, together with our partners Bi.Zone, CybExer Technologies, Global Cyber Alliance, Microsoft, Rapid 7 and Unisys, we are launching Cyber 4 Healthcare, a healthcare-cybersecurity match-making service.  

Cyber 4 Healthcare connects healthcare organizations in need of cybersecurity advice with reputable actors willing to offer a wide range of cybersecurity assistance services free of charge. 

Cyber 4 Healthcare is for hospitals, care facilities, clinics, labs, and clinicians, as well as pharmaceutical, life sciences, and medical device companies that are providing, researching, developing, and manufacturing COVID-related treatments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) working to combat COVID-19. 

“Protecting the healthcare as any other critical civilian infrastructure is a collective responsibility,” said Stéphane Duguin, Chief Executive Officer of the CyberPeace Institute. “Today we launch the Cyber 4 Healthcare Initiative together with a number of industry leaders in order to offer a targeted service for healthcare organizations fighting COVID19 to find trusted and free cybersecurity assistance.” 

Cyber 4 Healthcare is a first answer to the call for immediate and decisive action signed by more than 40 international leaders, including the CyberPeace Institute, to work together to prevent and stop cyberattacks that target healthcare organizations fighting COVID-19. 

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Email: [email protected] 

Cyber 4 Healthcare portal  

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