Cyber 4 Healthcare

The CyberPeace Institute is launching a series of operational initiatives aimed at providing assistance, promoting accountability and advancing responsible behavior in cyberspace to support the resilience of critical civilian infrastructure and protect the most vulnerable among us. We are committed to working hand-in-hand with those who are ready to step up and lend their voices, time and resources to peace and stability in cyberspace.

A Targeted Cybersecurity and Healthcare Matchmaking Service

As humanity fights the COVID-19 pandemic, bad actors are using this moment of crisis to attack medical facilities and personnel in cyberspace. These cowardly acts put the entire global community at risk. Our mission is to protect vulnerable communities from cyberattacks, conduct evidence-based analysis and promote policy discussions based on data. With Cyber 4 Healthcare we bring together cybersecurity expertise from reputable organisations and healthcare providers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.


Medical facilities providing life-saving care and their supply chain: hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, companies manufacturing medica equipment to fight COVID19, patient care organizations, etc.


To simplify the complex and time-consuming process of finding cybersecurity help and to offer trusted, voluntary assistance to targeted organizations, when they most need it.


We bring assistance to those who need it today, conduct fact-based analyses to increase transparency, and share evidence-led findings to inform policy discussions and improve cybersecurity structurally.

Why Cyber 4 Healthcare?
  • Hospitals and medical care facilities are critical sources of lifesaving care – for those most vulnerable to illness and, in times like the current crisis, for all of us. Yet they are also some of the most complex information and operational technology environments in the world. Managing and securing these environments under normal conditions is a challenge.

  • The current Covid-19 pandemic exacerbates existing risks and previews new challenges on the horizon stemming from the rapid uptake of new technologies, reliance on remote patient care and the digital dependence of the supply chain. At the same time, the lack of cybersecurity budget, resources, operational capabilities and implementation challenges are an ongoing struggle for the whole healthcare sector.

  • To protect healthcare personnel and facilities during this time of crisis, the private sector and a vibrant network of cyber volunteer initiatives have risen up organically to fill many of these voids. Their efforts are a testament to the spirit of volunteerism and its power to lay the groundwork for sustainable impact in a complex cyber environment where there is no one-size-fits-all.

  • Cyber 4 Healthcare brings many of these efforts in one place. Through this platform, healthcare organizations fighting COVID-19 can access a personalized service to find trusted cybersecurity assistance provided by qualified and reputable companies.

What's New

Partners and Supporters

What's Next?

Cyber 4 Healthcare is just the beginning. Our goal is to build on this effort, scaling up new initiatives to mobilize the great potential and desire within our global community to take collective action and protect our shared cyberspace.

Core Principles

We believe that the digital and cyberspace is a human space and we should look first and foremost at the most vulnerable victims of cyberattacks. The COVID-19 pandemic is the latest reminder of the urgent need for a more stable and secure cyberspace for all.