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Launch: CyberPeace Institute Cyber Incident Tracer (CIT)

5 October 2021

The Cyber Incident Tracer #HEALTH (CIT) is a repository of information on cyberattacks which disrupt the delivery of healthcare, compromise sensitive healthcare-related data, and have an impact on patients, healthcare professionals, facilities and organizations. Through the tracing of cyberattacks on healthcare across the globe, CIT #HEALTH seeks to bring greater visibility to the scale of the problem and how such attacks really impact people and the provision of care.

The CIT #HEALTH is the first in a series of evidence-based repositories related to cyberattacks against civilian critical infrastructure and vulnerable communities.

This project has been selected by the Paris Peace Forum 2021 in the category “Digital world: strengthening cybersecurity for all”.

For further information please contact: [email protected]

5 October 2021


CyberPeace Institute