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While You Take Care of Our Health, We Take Care of Your Cybersecurity

As humanity fights the COVID-19 pandemic, bad actors are using this moment of crisis to attack medical facilities and personnel in cyberspace. These cowardly acts put the entire global community at risk. With Cyber 4 Healthcare we bring together cybersecurity expertise from reputable organisations and healthcare providers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who is it for?

Medical facilities providing life-saving care and their supply chain: hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, companies manufacturing medica equipment to fight COVID19, patient care organizations, etc.

Why the health sector?

To simplify the complex and time-consuming process of finding cybersecurity help and to offer trusted, voluntary assistance to targeted organizations, when they most need it.

Why is it unique?

We bring assistance to those who need it. We conduct fact-based analyses to increase transparency, and share evidence-led findings to inform policy discussions and improve cybersecurity structurally.

A Free Cybersecurity-Healthcare Matchmaking Service

Building Trust

It is the CyberPeace Institute’s mission to direct assistance to vulnerable populations targeted by large-scale cyberattacks. This is why we created Cyber 4 Healthcare in June this year.

Cyber 4 Healthcare scales up assistance to such populations by connecting commercial partners willing to offer free assistance to healthcare organizations anywhere in the world in need of cybersecurity services.

Over 100 requests for assistance have been received so far, albeit few actually conclusive. At the moment, the partners of Cyber 4 Healthcare are actively supporting 5 organizations in 3 continents, helping them respond to a variety of security issues.

“We are a grateful recipient of the Cyber 4 Healthcare service that helped us to evaluate and structure our cybersecurity posture. Thank you warmly from all of us.
George J Aikara
Chief Operating Officer, United Way Mumbai

Why Cyber 4 Healthcare?

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