Virtual Launch of the Report “Playing with Lives: Cyberattacks on Healthcare are Attacks on People”

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The CyberPeace Institute will publish its first strategic analysis report “Playing with Lives: Cyberattacks on Healthcare are Attacks on People” on 9 March 2021, calling governments to remove rewards for criminals and hostile states attacking healthcare.

The first of its kind, this analytical report focuses on the impacts of attacks on people and society. It consolidates scattered information, demonstrating the complexity, magnitude and scope of the threat to healthcare, from ransomware through disinformation to COVID-19 related cyber espionage. It breaks down the silos of research and investigation to connect victims’ testimonials, cybersecurity reporting, volunteer initiatives and academic findings.

The unacceptable reality is that too many states and criminals get away with using cyberattacks for their cynical agendas. That hospitals and vaccine labs are attacked amidst a pandemic hurts people directly. It is essential that prevention and accountability are rolled out more effectively.”Marietje Schaake, President of the CyberPeace Institute.

The report analyses the technical innovation of modus operandi, the diversity in threat actors and their incentives, the difficult implementation of domestic and international norms and laws, and the under-resourcing of the sector despite a vibrant ecosystem of assistance initiatives. It shows how accountability is critical to any systemic solution: as incidents are under-reported, attacks are seldomly attributed and threat actors evade punishments.

“Nurses, doctors, researchers and other healthcare professionals are under attack. As they take care of our lives, their security is our collective responsibility. Applauding them is fine, but we all need to do more. It is in the public interest that a coalition of political leaders, corporate executives, technologists and civil society actors come together around a shared ambition to protect healthcare.”Stéphane Duguin, CEO of the CyberPeace Institute.

Virtual report launch and panel discussion 

The CyberPeace Institute will organise a virtual launch of its first strategic analysis report “Playing with Lives: Cyberattacks on Healthcare are Attacks on People” with a 1-hour webinar open to a worldwide virtual audience.

DATE: 9 March 2021

TIME:  18:00 CET | 12:00 pm EST | 9:00 am PST


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