What We Do

Our commitment to assist and protect vulnerable communities determines the focus of the activities of the Institute.

We Assist

humanitarian NGOs and others vulnerable communities to prepare for and recover from cyberattacks that aim to disrupt their work.

We Investigate

cyberattacks against critical sectors including humanitarian and healthcare sectors.

We Advocate

for change based on evidence of the harm caused by cyberattacks, and for the respect of laws and norms.

We Anticipate

threats to people associated with emerging and disruptive technologies.

We Assist

Humanitarian NGOs with cybersecurity support so they can continue to deliver their vital activities.

We Investigate

cyberattacks to help prevent future attacks affecting the humanitarian and other critical sectors by identifying the vulnerabilities that attackers exploited.

We Advocate

for respect of laws and norms in cyberspace to ensure people’s rights and fundamental freedoms.

Expertise and support serving humanity

Cyberattacks directly affect people and society. From healthcare to humanitarian NGOs, cyberattackers target the organizations playing an essential role in supporting those most in need. We are an NGO for NGOs and other critical sectors offering free cybersecurity assistance, investigation and alerts.

CyberPeace Builders

Responding to the needs of Humanitarian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for cybersecurity, the CyberPeace Builders is a network of corporate volunteers providing free assistance.

An evidence-based platform about cyberattacks which disrupt the delivery of healthcare, compromise sensitive healthcare-related data, and have an impact on patients, healthcare professionals, facilities and organizations.

Cybercrime continues to evolve. Action to tackle it puts at risk fundamental human rights and an open and free internet.  Civil society and industry, through this Multi-Stakeholder Manifesto, provide a set of principles to guide governments in negotiations for a Cybercrime Convention at the United Nations.

Our Activity Report

This first Activity Report provides an overview of the work of the CyberPeace Institute and outlines some of the key achievements of the Institute in 2019 and 2021.