What We Do

Achieving Cyberpeace

Through our field analysis and global campaigning, our goal is to protect the most vulnerable and to achieve peace and justice in cyberspace.


  • We assist vulnerable populations
  • We analyze attacks and reveal their impacts on human lives and how they violate the rule of law
  • We expose gaps in accountability and provide information on the obligations of all actors, including state and non-state entities
  • We forecast future threats in cyberspace
  • We advance responsible behaviour
  • We tell the powerful stories of those who have no voice 
  • We mobilize supporters and volunteers around the world to campaign for peace in cyberspace

Our Actions

Call to

Healthcare is under attack. Daily. During one of the worst pandemics in history, cyberattacks are a direct threat to human life. Our Call to Action invited governments to stop cyber operations against medical facilities and protect healthcare.

Cyber 4

Healthcare needs support. We partner with qualified and reputable companies to provide free and trusted cybersecurity assistance to help healthcare professionals fighting COVID-19. Is your organization in need of help? 

Call for

Healthcare needs a voice. Although attacks are multiplying, their real-life impact is too often ignored. We are calling on anyone who has experienced first-hand consequences of such attacks to share their stories.

Civilians are at ever greater risk of being targeted by cyberattacks that rage between states and non-state actors alike. We need de-escalation and a focus on peace in cyberspace.”
Marietje Schaake, President, CyberPeace Institute


It takes a coalition to protect a network. We regularly convene CyberPeace Labs to bring together leading cyber experts, field practitioners and those impacted by cyberattacks to exchange ideas and foster partnerships.

The Stop Infodemic Campaign

Disinformation, fake news and infodemics undermine democracy and accelerate cyberattacks. We launched the Stop Infodemic campaign to promote responsible behavior in cyberspace. 

Imagine Cyberpeace

What does peace mean to you?  How do you imagine peace in cyberspace? We all have a role to play in promoting human security, dignity and equity in cyberspace. We all have a role in achieving cyberpeace. 

Together We Are Powerful

When cyberattacks take place, people suffer. The asymmetry between the capacity of attackers and that of their victims leaves populations vulnerable, often without the ability to fully recover. We work with the private sector, civil society, academia, and other organizations to address complex challenges on a global scale.