The CyberPeace Institute extends a range of services, including comprehensive training for NGOs Boards & Staff, Foundations and Volunteers designed to empower organizations with vital tools for safeguarding their missions.

We are committed to bridging the knowledge gap and overcoming the digital divide, distinguishing us as experts in both cybersecurity and humanitarianism.

Explore our training options to find the right source for you. 

Capacity building offering for NGO Boards

This training aims to empower board members by providing a chance for directors to deepen their knowledge of cybersecurity and offers guidance and tools for strategic decisions as they fully acknowledge their role in terms of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Training for NGO staff to build their cybersecurity knowledge and application in their daily tasks. 

Cybersecurity challenges for international actors

Explore global threats in cybersecurity, focusing on challenges and strategies for international actors, governments, and organizations.

Humanitarian Cybersecurity Training

Understand the context NGOs operate in to provide effective cybersecurity aid to under resourced organizations. 


Training is a great start towards protecting your organization. Get in touch with us for more details on how to protect your organization from cyber threats.