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CyberPeace Institute – Simplified Privacy Information Notice and the Annex – Click here to open it.

You confirm you have read and understood the Simplified Privacy Information Notice and the Annex, and you hereby give your consent to:

  • The processing of Data (as defined in the Simplified Privacy Information Notice), including Sensitive Data, for the purpose of detecting any cyber threats or vulnerabilities on your organization’s IT environment;
  • The processing of Data, including special categories of personal data, for the purpose of analyzing cyber threats and vulnerabilities related to your organization’s IT environment to identify trends or emerging issues across the not for profit sector.

You hereby confirm:

  • That all natural persons to whom the Data refer (data subject) have expressly agreed to their processing by the CyberPeace Institute for the purposes defined herein;
  • That you are aware of and voluntarily consent to Shadowserver, a trusted partner of the CyberPeace Institute, providing report data associated with your network information directly to the CyberPeace Institute. This enables the CyberPeace Institute to support you should any issues be detected (more information);
  • That you are legally authorized to represent and bind the organisation.

You will receive a confirmation of your acceptance per email and a copy will be shared with the CyberPeace Institute and ShadowServer including shared information.

Data Agreement

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    Like you, we are citizens who seek peace and justice in cyberspace. Funded by those who share our vision, we are a non-profit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, independent of any political ideology, economic interest or religion. No one – individuals, industries or state actors – is beyond scrutiny. We are a driving force for accountability in cyberspace, for everyone, everywhere.

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