Addendum to the Strategic Analysis Report “Playing with Lives: Cyberattacks on Healthcare are Attacks on People”

This Addendum to the Strategic Analysis Report Playing with Lives: Cyberattacks on Healthcare are Attacks on People is a summary of the response to the Reports’ first recommendation which encourages stakeholders to document attacks and to analyse their human and societal impact. The CyberPeace Institute’s goal was to develop a publicly available database of cyberattacks in an effort to enhance transparency and access to information. The Cyber Incident Tracer (CIT) #HEALTH is the response to this commitment, a publicly accessible platform that bridges the current information gap on cyberattacks on healthcare and their impact on people. The Addendum contains information gathered and analyzed through the CIT #HEALTH, and serves as a source of information for evidence-led operational, policy, and legal decision-making.

At the CyberPeace Institute, we believe that an evidence-based understanding of the impact of cyberattacks can help to raise political and social awareness. It is important that we understand the true scale and impact of cyberattacks against healthcare in order to design better policies and rules to protect this sector in perpetuity.

It is time that there is collective action to help uncover the gaps in prevention and mitigation of cybersecurity risks in the healthcare sector, and to inform the steps that all stakeholders must take for a safe, secure, and equitable cyberspace.

Published: 12 November 2021

Author: The CyberPeace Institute

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