RightsCon 2021: Our key takeaways from the event

RightsCon 2021: Our key takeaways from the event

This week the CyberPeace Institute attended RightsCon 2021, the world’s leading summit on human rights in the digital age. 

As cyberspace is increasingly confronted to numerous threats, a forum like RightsCon is important to exchange, promote and advance cyberpeace. We praise RightsCon for creating a unique and engaging environment for a multistakeholder discussion. 

Our team was honoured to join a vibrant community of experts and representatives from civil society, academia, industry and governments committed to fighting for digital rights. 


If you couldn’t join or would like to continue the conversation, here are some key takeaways: 

  • States are still not doing enough to ensure peace in cyberspace.
  • Attacks and malicious behaviour are on the rise and are benefiting from a systemic impunity in cyberspace. Many sessions discussed the greater need for accountability.
  • States should lead by example. Following the publication of the reports by the UN OEWG and UN GGE, it is time now to put these recommendations into practice. 
  • Cyberpeace exists when human dignity, security, and equity are ensured. This must be central to any solution put forward.


The CyberPeace Institute joins the vibrant RightsCon community and stands ready and committed to assist vulnerable communities and reduce the harm on lives of cyberattacks.  Fundamental rights must be protected. We can help achieve this by measuring states’ action towards responsible behavior; sharing information about attacks; providing evidence-based approaches and solutions.


Thank you Access Now for organizing RightsCon, a great event!

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