CyberPeace Institute Forges Collaboration with The Center for Cyber Safety & Education to Strengthen Digital Resilience and Security

Alexis ALLEY

The CyberPeace Institute announces a strategic partnership to support the mitigation of cyber risk for nonprofits through volunteerism with Center for Cyber Safety and Education, the charitable arm of ISC2, the world’s leading nonprofit member organization for cybersecurity professionals. The Center’s mission is to grow the cybersecurity profession and its positive impact on the world by raising awareness, building a diverse pipeline of cybersecurity professionals and activating a more secure digital world.

This partnership will provide Center volunteers with access to the CyberPeace Builders volunteer program, a new and unique arrangement for CyberPeace Builders. CyberPeace Builders is a cyber volunteer service endorsed by CISA, matching cybersecurity experts from industry to nonprofits in the United States and beyond thanks to the support of private companies and philanthropies. CyberPeace Builders are currently protecting over 270 nonprofits, who are themselves assisting millions of vulnerable people in 120 countries. 

Stéphane Duguin, CEO of the CyberPeace Institute, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “In today’s interconnected world, ensuring cyberpeace and security requires collaborative efforts from all sectors. We are excited to join forces with the Center for Cyber Safety and Education to advance our shared mission of promoting a safe and secure cyberspace for all.”

In an effort to provide more access to the cybersecurity industry and encourage cyber safety, CyberPeace Institute will be promoting ISC2 certifications such as Certified in Cybersecurity which will be used to upskill emerging cyber talent as well as provide training to nonprofit workers. Given the shortage of cyber talent, upskilling is one of the most promising strategies laid out by the White House to close the gap. 

“This partnership with CyberPeace Builders will help connect Center volunteers, who are trained cybersecurity professionals, with nonprofits that need additional resources,” said Holly Schneider Brown, Sr. Director of the Center for Cyber Safety and Education. “This collaboration provides an opportunity for ISC2 members who are Center volunteers to give back while utilizing their skills and passion.”  

About the CyberPeace Institute:

The CyberPeace Institute is a nonprofit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland protecting the most vulnerable in cyberspace. Independent and neutral, the Institute collaborates with associations, NGOs, nonprofits, public entities and philanthropists to investigate and analyze the human impact of systemic cyber threats, delivering free cybersecurity assistance, tracking the enforcement of international laws and norms and forecasts threats to cyberpeace. The CyberPeace Institute is also certified as equivalent to a US Certified Public Charity by NGO Source. 

About The Center for Cyber Safety and Education

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established by ISC2 in 2011. With a focus on inspiring a safe and secure cyber world, the Center empowers the general public, across all backgrounds and demographics, to secure their online lives through cybersecurity education and cyber safety awareness programs. As one of the world’s leading providers of cybersecurity scholarships, awarding more than $2 million to students and emerging professionals, the Center is committed to breaking down barriers to entering the cybersecurity field. Its mission is to build a diverse workforce and enable a cyber-safe future, with the help of its volunteers across more than 70 countries. Visit

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