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Alexis ALLEY
While technology shapes every aspect of our lives from when we wake up, to how we work, it is crucial that we secure the entire digital infrastructure to ensure everyone, especially vulnerable communities have equal access to technology’s benefits. In the pursuit of a safe cyber landscape, we are thrilled to present the third instalment of our Donors’ series.

We had the privilege of interviewing Craig Newmark, the Founder of Craig Newmark Philanthropies. Craig Newmark is best known as the founder of the classifieds ad site craigslist. Now he engages in full time philanthropy focused on cybersecurity, trustworthy journalism, and support for military families and veterans. Join us as we explore Craig Newmark Philanthropies and gain insight on his activities.

Craig Newmark,
Founder of Craig Newmark Philanthropies

Craig Newmark Philanthropies is my way to help support and protect the people who support and protect our country, wherever we live. To that end, I’m providing considerable support in a number of focus areas, particularly cybersecurity, help for vets and military families, also, pigeon rescue.

One focus is Cyber Civil Defense, where regular people work together to defend our homes and businesses.

Working together

Why did your organization get involved in supporting the CyberPeace Institute?

The Institute has a very similar mission in cybersecurity, helping support and protect other groups who help and support people. 

Why is the work of the CyberPeace Institute important for your organization?

The Institute accomplishes the mission very well, and also fits into an emerging network of groups working to protect us all.

What impact have you seen stemming from your support to the Institute?

I think I see the network becoming a thing, where people are working together for mutual defense.

What advice would you give to other potential donors interested in supporting the CyberPeace Institute?

The Institute is the real deal, starting to help everyone help defend everyone else. 

Why is supporting non-governmental organizations – such as the CyberPeace Institute – in cybersecurity so important today?

Government can only do so much to protect us, we need help from NGOs who can help out. 

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