Cyberattacks affecting Ukraine

CyberPeace Institute

The cyberattack in Ukraine on the 14th of January reportedly affecting government websites, nonprofits and information technology organizations is a stark reminder of the risks to cyberpeace. Whilst the full extent of this attack is still not known, previous cyberattacks affecting Ukraine have harmed people and critical infrastructure, and such attacks set dangerous precedents. 

Whomever turns out to be the perpetrator of this cyberattack, the CyberPeace Institute calls upon all actors to spare civilians and infrastructure which are ensuring the delivery of essential services in line with commitments, norms and international humanitarian law.

The CyberPeace Institute’s mission is to reduce the harms from cyberattacks on people’s lives worldwide, provide assistance to vulnerable communities, and call for responsible cyber behaviour, accountability and cyberpeace.

Through the Ukraine: Timeline of Cyberattacks, the CyberPeace Institute is tracking how cyberattacks and operations are, and have been, targeting critical infrastructure and civilian objects. This is important in order to identify harm and risks to civilian populations. 

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