The CyberPeace Institute Partners with the Swiss Trust Valley for Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity

The Trust Valley, a center of excellence for digital transformation, was launched to enhance regional expertise, facilitate collaboration, and accelerate innovative projects and services. The CyberPeace Institute was announced as a new strategic partner of the initiative.

The Trust Valley Alliance is a public-private initiative, co-ordinated by the cantons of Geneva and Vaud along with several universities, including the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), and cyber security companies. It builds on the expertise of more than 300 companies and 500 experts and aims to support economic development in the Lake Geneva area, which has the highest concentration of local and international cybersecurity enterprises in Switzerland.

“The CyberPeace Institute is very excited about this new partnership with the Trust Valley Alliance, where all cyber talents can converge and collaborate, and create innovative solutions to achieve CyberPeace,” said Stéphane Duguin, Chief Executive Officer of the CyberPeace Institute.


Strategic partnerships for concrete actions

The Trust Valley has set up three flag-ship programs to foster innovative solutions to engender digital trust:

      • Tech4Trust — an acceleration program for innovative start-ups which is already in its second call for projects. The program has developed a strategic partnership with PwC, as well as exchanges with European regions, such as Belgium and Luxembourg.
      • Food by Trust Valley — an initiative for developing digital tracking solutions in the agritech and agrifood sector that meet sustainable development objectives (SDGs). Its objective is to ensure a healthy life and promote the well-being of all people of all ages. The partners are SICPA, Nestlé and the Center for Digital Trust (C4DT) at EPFL.
      • Health by Trust Valley — a mapping initiative for creative solutions for post-COVID-19 projects. In a strategic partnership with the CyberPeace Institute’s global Cyber 4 Healthcare program, the initiative aims to assist deconfinement strategies in order to maintain, accelerate and stimulate the economy, and to increase short-term resilience to health crises, such as COVID-19.


“We need to work together. It is always important to find the best local solutions to local problems. I am aware that what you (the Trust Valley) do is of fundamental importance to the world. I don’t think there are many nations on earth that are as trustworthy as Switzerland; there is no part of Switzerland that is more important than this region of Lake Geneva,” said Brad Smith, President of Microsoft.


Collaboration and cooperation

Following the announcement of the launch last June, many organizations have expressed their interest in this ecosystem.

“A local company attracted the attention of an international giant who contacted it with a very specific request to set up a laboratory. Unfortunately, the local company could not meet this request on its own, so they turned to us, the “TRUST VALLEY”, and we put them in touch with HEIG-VD. Today, our two partners areworking together on this joint project. This is also the interest and the impact that this initiative can have,” said Lennig Pedron, Head of the Trust Valley initiative.

The Trust Valley aims the convergence of know-how and expertise in the fields of data protection, blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital investigation, criminology as well as all the means enabling standardisation and certification, authentication and data governance.


The CyberPeace Institute is an independent, non-profit organization with the mission to enhance the stability of cyberspace. It does so by supporting vulnerable communities, analysing attacks collaboratively, and advancing responsible behaviour in cyberspace.

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