CybeReady and US Medical IT partner with the CyberPeace Institute for Cyber 4 Healthcare

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The Cyber 4 Healthcare initiative brings together healthcare providers and cybersecurity experts to ensure that the healthcare sector and its supply chain are protected against cyberattacks.

Geneva, Switzerland – September 23, 2020 – The CyberPeace Institute welcomes two new partners to support the Cyber 4 Healthcare initiative – CybeReady and US Medical IT.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a troubling rise in cyberattacks against hospitals and other healthcare facilities resulting in delays and disruptions to a range of health services, including the processing of COVID-19 tests when they are needed the most.

“Healthcare businesses were already being targeted by cybercriminals before the Covid-19 pandemic, and this problem has become more acute during the recent public health crisis. We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and cybersecurity expertise in an effort to fight cybercrime in the healthcare industry,” said Stephen Cracknell, CEO and Co-Founder of US Medical IT.

Stephen Cracknell added that, via this collaboration with the CyberPeace Institute, US Medical IT would provide cybersecurity education and advice to Cyber 4 Healthcare beneficiaries. They had learned about this opportunity to give back to the healthcare community through their partnership with Microsoft and the Voices for Innovation advocacy group.

“The spike in phishing attacks and transition to remote work post COVID-19 have inspired CybeReady to offer complimentary resources to enterprises to easily and efficiently train employees to operate safely in a changing environment,” said Mike Polatsek, Co-founder & CSO at CybeReady.

CybeReady’s learning program builds human readiness to cyberattacks. Its self-managed program enables organizations to implement continuous cyber security awareness trainings for their workforce, via short, positive and engaging learning content in 38 languages.

“We are pleased to welcome CybeReady and US Medical IT to the Cyber 4 Healthcare family. Together, we will continue to provide cybersecurity assistance to those in the frontlines of the pandemic” said Adrien Ogée, Chief Operating Officer of the CyberPeace Institute, and manager of the Cyber 4 Healthcare project.

The Cyber 4 Healthcare was launched in June 2020 to help healthcare professionals find timely, trusted and free cybersecurity help. The CyberPeace Institute already partners with Bi.Zone, Cybexer Technologies, Global Cyber Alliance, Microsoft, Rapid 7 and Unisys.

Cyber 4 Healthcare was the first answer to the call for immediate and decisive action signed by more than 40 international leaders, including the CyberPeace Institute, to work together to prevent and stop cyberattacks that target healthcare organizations fighting COVID-19.

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