CyberPeace Cloud

Ukraine conflict: A free digital service for Humanitarian NGOs

The CyberPeace Institute, a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Geneva, Switzerland, is providing a free digital service to NGOs working for the humanitarian response in Ukraine. Humanitarian NGOs in or responding to the humanitarian crisis can now access free data transfer and storage capabilities, and other cloud services, in order to safeguard their data and reduce the risk of digital disruption to their operations.

The importance of preserving data and digital services is vital for humanitarian organizations operating in or for Ukraine, as cyberattacks against humanitarian organizations are taking place impeding their ability to carry out vital humanitarian activities. See the Ukraine:Timeline of Cyberattacks compiled by the Institute.

This service is offered as part of the CyberPeace Builders program. The CyberPeace Builders provide expert assistance to NGOs to strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities and to help NGOs identify the vulnerabilities that cyberattackers exploit. Supporting NGOs to reduce risks and vulnerabilities to cyberattacks is an important contribution to enabling such organizations to reach and respond to the needs of their beneficiaries. This is vital in the response to the armed conflict in Ukraine.

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