Thanks to the CyberPeace Builders, we identified the weak points in the security of our infrastructure architecture, processes and policies and we prioritised specific changes for future improvements. Following the positive security assessment of our environment, we considered that the issue of training and information of users was more important than initially expected.Therefore we changed our priorities by focusing less on the technical side and more on our user awareness. Finally, the neutral external analysis from a Builder is always a good way to have another look at the work done and ensure the organisational environment is secured. An organisation's internal team could struggle to be less familiar with the latest technologies and hacking capabilities of criminal groups.

Terre des hommes in Lausanne

Thanks to the CyberPeace Builders, we learned about new technologies as well as alternative approaches that we could take given cost constraints. The CyberPeace Builders showed us alternative solutions as well as areas that we haven't previously considered, which was very helpful for the security of the organisation. The expertise around NGOs' cost constraints was important to find other possible solutions to be protected against cyber threats. This experience has proven to us that it is important to invest in cybersecurity and security assessment.

Humanitarian NGO in Geneva

To mark World Health Day, Ambassador Jürg Lauber, the Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the United Nations and other International Organizations in Geneva, highlights the importance of diplomatic efforts to protect the healthcare sector in the digital age.

Sharing her experience of a cyberattack, Caroline Harper, CEO of Sightsavers, gives important insights into the disruption and harm such an attack caused for them. 

“We are a grateful recipient of the Cyber 4 Healthcare service that helped us to evaluate and structure our cybersecurity posture. Thank you warmly from all of us. ”

George J Aikara,
Chief Operating Officer, United Way Mumbai

Because of the support of the CyberPeace Institute we’ve actually been saved from a breach that could have been disruptive. Thank you to the Institute's team for helping healthcare start ups like OneHealth be safer and secure on the internet. So now, we can focus on taking care of people in a very timely manner and safely as well.” (Feb 2021)

Adeola Alli,
Founder and CEO of the One Health Nigeria