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Join our network of expert volunteers to assist NGOs needing cybersecurity assistance.

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Training and tools

As a volunteer, you will find this is a rewarding experience by learning about the importance of humanitarian work and the challenges associated with providing digital assistance to NGOs. Our exclusive humanitarian training, Cybersecurity & Humanitarian: Communicate the Code.

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Volunteer On-boarding

Volunteers are informed of jobs (“missions”) required by different NGOs that are scoped to fit with your availability.

The CyberPeace Institute manages all the onboarding and background work with NGOs so that you can focus on volunteering and delivering your expertise and support.

Support needed varies from NGO to NGO, thus we need a wide array of professionals and skills.

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Our impact

Our network of expert volunteers from local and international companies are matched with NGOs needing cybersecurity assistance.

Missions completed
Hours of volunteering
84 %
Volunteer satisfaction rate

NGOs we work with

We work with NGOs in more than 10 different sectors. Our staff and regional advisors manage outreach to NGOs and facilitate the support provided by volunteers enabling a local and tailored support to NGOs adapted to their specific cybersecurity needs.

NGOs in the humanitarian field
NGOs in healthcare
NGOs in peace building

We offer

The Center for Humanitarian Cybersecurity offers a diverse range of cybersecurity services that fit your needs.


cybersecurity awareness & training

Advisories on cyber threats

Threat intelligence

General security assessment

Dark Web monitoring

Incident response support

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