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Playing with Lives: Cyberattacks on Healthcare are Attacks on People

The CyberPeace Institute

Doctors, nurses, researchers, patients are under cyberattack. Daily. Globally. The CyberPeace Institute analyzed the impacts of disruptive cyberattacks, data breaches and disinformation operations on healthcare, people and society.

Key Finding #1: Attacks on healthcare are causing direct harm to people and are a threat to health, globally.

Key Finding #2: Attacks are increasing and evolving as they continue to exploit vulnerabilities in the healthcare sector’s fragile digital infrastructure and weaknesses in its cybersecurity regime.

Key Finding #3: Attacks on healthcare are low-risk, high-reward crimes. Acting with near impunity, criminals and state actors are joining forces against healthcare with varying motives and agendas.

Key Finding #4: Healthcare professionals and patients do not benefit fully from legal instruments and existing assistance initiatives designed to protect them.