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A new generation of peacebuilders is born: welcome to the CyberPeace Builders

Protecting NGOs in critical sectors from cyberattacks with a corporate volunteering community.

GENEVA, Switzerland – 14 July 2021 –
Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) active in critical sectors are increasingly victims of cyberattacks impacting their ability to deliver vital services to vulnerable communities. Whether their mission is to ensure access to health, water, food, and energy or responding to the humanitarian impact of major crises, their accelerating digitization is creating vulnerabilities targeted by attackers. Over 50% of NGOs report being targeted by cyberattacks. The CyberPeace Institute launches the CyberPeace Builders, the first global network of cybersecurity volunteers to protect civilian-critical NGO services. 

The CyberPeace Builders is a cybersecurity corporate volunteering community which provides free cybersecurity expertise and closer support to NGO’s in critical sectors. “Today we launch the CyberPeace Builders to increase and accelerate assistance efforts at a time when cybercrime represents an existential threat to vulnerable communities” said Stéphane Duguin, CEO of the CyberPeace Institute. “This is a unique program between the private sector and civil society that demonstrates an engaged community of experts in cybersecurity to support NGOs”.

The CyberPeace Builders’ mission is to prevent and cure. They help NGOs prepare for and recover from cyberattacks. The CyberPeace Builders, a new generation of peacebuilders, are cybersecurity experts employed by local and international companies and volunteering to defend NGOs. This initiative brings support to NGOs in critical sectors at a level that is unequaled in terms of staff, tools and capabilities. 

Since its creation, the CyberPeace Institute has helped NGOs around the world to shield themselves from cyberattacks” said Adrien Ogée, Chief Operating Officer of the CyberPeace Institute. “The CyberPeace Builders allow us to globalise the support. The program is currently available in Switzerland and will be extended to more countries by the end of 2021”.

These new peacebuilders demonstrate the societal engagement of companies that are committing their time and skills. The CyberPeace Institute formed a dedicated team to support cyber volunteers with dedicated tools and infrastructure. 

Pascal Carpentier, Head of Information Systems and Technology at Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) a non-profit drug research and development organization based in Geneva said “At DNDi we value the trusted relationship with the CyberPeace Institute and their commitment to help us find adequate solutions to our cyber security challenges, in particular to protect the data of our beneficiaries. The new CyberPeace Builders programme will bring great added value to NGOs based in Geneva, but also around the world, to help them face today’s digital challenges.”

Partnering with the CCIG (Chambre de commerce, d’industrie et des services de Genève) to bring assistance to frontline organizations in Switzerland

The CyberPeace Institute is thrilled to launch the CyberPeace Builders in partnership with the CCIG in Switzerland. Geneva is the host to many NGO’s working in critical sectors who are in need of cybersecurity support and will benefit from the program.

Building cyberpeace requires the engagement and support of key partners, and the CyberPeace Institute welcomes the trust and support of the CCIG to achieve this. 

Commenting on the launch of the program, CCIG CEO Vincent Subilia stated: 

“The global vision of the CyberPeace Institute enables a better understanding of cybersecurity issues at all levels of society and it brings concrete solutions. The CCIG is pleased to support this NGO in its work for digital security and sovereignty. The CyberPeace Builders initiative is a concrete illustration of the synergies to foster between local Geneva and International Geneva, and such a collaboration is the strength of our ecosystem” 

About the CyberPeace Institute

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the CyberPeace Institute is a nongovernmental organization whose mission is to reduce the harms from cyberattacks on people’s lives worldwide, provide assistance to vulnerable communities and call for responsible cyber behaviour, accountability and cyberpeace. 

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