Protecting Healthcare

The healthcare sector, already under extreme pressure to meet the needs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, has also been facing cyberattacks and threats that have been undermining the sector’s ability to successfully respond to the healthcare needs of people. 

Escalating cyberattacks targeting hospitals and other services of the sector and an onslaught of mis- and disinformation are used by malicious actors to erode trust in the healthcare sector and vaccines. Together, these threats are posing direct threats to human life.

Our Actions

Guided by the Institute’s mission of supporting the most vulnerable in cyberspace, the healthcare sector has been a primary focal point of action. The Institute launched a ‌series‌ ‌of‌ ‌operational initiatives‌ tailored for the healthcare sector to ‌provide ‌assistance,‌ ‌investigate cyberattacks and threats, ‌and‌ ‌advocate to put an end to these attacks.

We Assist

Cyber4Healthcare provided practical operational support to victims of cyberattacks in the healthcare sector. Have you been a victim of a cyberattack? Do you need help?

We Investigate

The Cyber Incident Tracer (CIT) #Health documents cyberattacks to increase public awareness and to support evidence-led policy-making and redress for victims.

We Advocate

During one of the worst pandemics in history, cyberattacks are a direct threat to lives and health. Our Call to Governments appeals for the protection of medical and healthcare facilities.

The healthcare sector is facing systemic, repeated cyberattacks that do not just endanger systems but are a direct threat to life.”
Stéphane Duguin, CEO, CyberPeace Institute

This Strategic Analysis Report raises awareness and provides recommendations for concrete action to increase the resilience of the healthcare sector to cyberattacks.

This Report contains information gathered and analyzed through the Cyber Incident Tracer #Health and  serves as a source of information for evidence-led operational, policy, and legal decision-making.

This Compendium offers healthcare institutions, governments, international organizations, and other stakeholders a useful resource to support their efforts to safeguard the healthcare sector from cyber threats.

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