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Beyond 125 Years – Securing Our World’s Digital Future

30 September 2024

125 years ago, The Hague Peace Convention disrupted how to design peace and justice, showing how leaders, diplomats, and philanthropists could join forces to safeguard the common good.

125 years down the line, cyberspace is the new battleground. The peace is under attack. Non-profit organisations fighting hunger and poverty, democratising education, supporting refugees, ensuring access to clean and sanitised water, delivering humanitarian aid and healthcare, curbing gender-based violence or climate change are targeted by cyberattacks and disinformation. They are the underserved of cybersecurity – they can’t access the necessary talents, tools and financial resources.

This should stop.

These organisations service all of us.

They should be supported by all means possible.

Beyond 125 Years: Securing Our World’s Digital Future is a call to action. This gathering, co-organised by the City of The Hague, the CyberPeace Institute, and the Global Cyber Alliance convene global leaders, cyber defenders, and philanthropists to pledge support to the creation of a fund for cybersecurity as a common good for the peace ecosystem – a fund to finance the cybersecurity tools, services, and platforms enabling peace and justice at global scale, and the organisations that provide these capabilities.

30 September 2024


CyberPeace Institute
Global Cyber Alliance
The City of The Hague


Peace Palace
Carnegieplein 2
The Hague, 2517 KJ Netherlands
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