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Our CyberPeace Builders have helped NGOs to

protect children’s right worldwide. clear landmines and reducing risk for the population. support emergency response and preparedness in Africa. provide medical aid in crises. develop drugs for neglected diseases. save lives at sea. fight impunity for international crimes.

Cyber experts did it already...
And they did it for a lot of NGOs!

You have professional experience in cybersecurity and want to make a positive impact? Join us as a volunteer with your company. With an expected commitment of just 20 hours per year, you can help protect nonprofits from cyber threats and make a real difference.

Companies sponsor a volunteer for just 50CHF per month, enabling us to connect them with vulnerable nonprofits worldwide and protect them from cyber attacks.

  • Public visibility on our platforms 
  • NGOs testimonials & Volunteers interview
  • Impact dashboard 
  • Easy onboarding process 
  • Humanitarian Cybersecurity course 
  • Volunteering CPE certificate

At CyberPeace Builders, we offer a variety of cybersecurity services for free to NGOs to help protect them from cyber attacks thanks to our volunteers.

We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each organization and work with them to ensure they are properly protected.

  • General Security Assessment (GSA) to identify vulnerabilities
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training to educate staff on best practices
  • Dark Web Monitoring to identify stolen data
  • Phishing Simulation to test staff on identifying and avoiding phishing attempts
  • Password Management Advice to ensure strong password practices
  • Website Vulnerability Scan to identify and address website vulnerabilities
  • E-mail Security to protect against email-based attacks
  • Cyber Security Policy Review to assess and improve overall security posture

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They are talking about us

"Les ONG n’ont pas beaucoup de moyens à investir dans leur cybersécurité. Le programme CyberPeace Builders est gratuit pour elles, et leur propose l’aide de bénévoles, employés dans des entreprises informatiques."
"Volunteering not only feels rewarding, it fits the ethos of the typical cyber professional"
"Seit seiner Gründung vor rund drei Jahren hat die Nichtregierungsorganisation rund 100 andere NGOs begleitet."
"Im extremely proud that Logitech contributes to the CyberPeace Builders program. Anyone at Logitech who participated in that fantastic program loved the experience."
"We received crisp and detailed advice on what needs to be done by an accomplished IT security professional at very short notice."
Fondation Suisse de Déminage

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Join the Swiss Chapter of the leading skills-based volunteering platform for cybersecurity experts hosted by the Humanitarian Cybersecurity Center (HCC).