Analyzing Cyberattacks

In order to fulfill its mission, the CyberPeace Institute requires a deep understanding of threats and attacks. The Institute’s team of experts performs digital forensic analysis as part of investigations and services for vulnerable communities including beneficiary organizations in the NGO and critical infrastructure sectors.

The work of analyzing cyberattacks, aims to provide clarity on the motive for the attack (such as financial gain, reputational damage, espionage, etc.), whether the attack was part of a campaign and technical details including the vulnerabilities that were exploited.

Our Platforms

The Institute aggregates and analyzes data about cyberattacks from a wide range of public and restricted sources in order to assess the type of threats, the threat actors and their tactics (modus operandi), and to assess whether victims can be identified. This type of analysis can provide information to prevent future attacks or mitigate the impact of cyberattacks.

Monitoring the harm to civilians from cyberattacks, in the quest for cyberpeace.

An evidence-based platform about cyberattacks which disrupt the delivery of healthcare, compromise sensitive healthcare-related data, and have an impact on patients, healthcare professionals, facilities and organizations.

Tracking cyberattacks against civilian infrastructure and government entities which cause harm to people in Ukraine.

Our Strategic Analysis Reports