Our Mission


To increase civilians' digital resilience and provide assistance in their response and recovery after cyberattacks.

The Institute delivers assistance at scale to the most vulnerable victims of cyberattacks. Due to the significant and harmful nature of these attacks, the Institute facilitates direct assistance and also helps to coordinate resources to amplify the impact of existing assistance efforts. The Institute intervenes where existing digital security systems are deficient and with populations that cannot necessarily afford the services of specialized companies.

The following mechanisms and areas of focus will constitute the Institute's primary means of action under this pillar:

  1. Building and maintaining a CyberVolunteer Network
  2. Enhancing online defence and prevention
  3. Supporting recovery

CyberVolunteer Network

To increase the scale and impact of its efforts to assist civilian victims, the Institute will build and maintain a CyberVolunteer Network. The CyberVolunteer Network will bring together a community of volunteers from industry, the public sector, academia, and civil society, and include those mobilized by the Institute, as well as partners with established assistance capabilities. As part of building the Network, the Institute will articulate criteria for its engagement in an assistance matter, such as the severity of an attack, the availability of other resources to respond, and the feasibility of the Institute to respond.

To learn more about how you or your organization can become part of the CyberVolunteer Network, please click here.

Supporting Recovery

The Institute, and the CyberVolunteer Network will work on assisting civilian victims in recovering from cyberattacks that are perpetrated by sophisticated actors and have significant and direct harm. This includes both emergency incident response and longer-term recovery plans with actions. The Network will actively seek to collaborate with organizations and efforts that provide assistance in recovery and seek to amplify collective impact.

To inquire about receiving assistance services for prevention or recovery from a cyberattack,
please contact the Institute here

Enhancing Online Defense and Prevention

The Institute, and the CyberVolunteer Network in particular, will also assist vulnerable victims in increasing their resilience and guarding against future cyberattacks. These efforts may include the identification of dangerous attack trends; the provision of practical tooling and information to help organisations leverage existing technology; and connecting potential victims with existing training and guidance.