Working towards
a safer online
world for all

People everywhere today rely on the integrity of computer systems and the internet to receive critical services and conduct their daily lives.

From laptops to smart phones, and healthcare devices to electric grids, and everything in between, technology is suffused throughout our lives. However, escalating numbers of sophisticated cyberattacks imperil these technologies’ promise, placing the wellbeing of people everywhere at risk. The CyberPeace Institute works to assist those who cannot defend themselves, promote a more secure online world, and to reinforce expectations for responsible behavior in cyberspace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the stability of cyberspace. We work to decrease the frequency, impact, and scale of cyberattacks by sophisticated actors that have significant and, direct harm on civilians and/or civilian infrastructure. We also encourage greater transparency about these attacks with the aim of holding malicious actors to account for the harms they cause.

We do so through three core functions: i) helping and defending civilian victims of cyberattacks, ii) analyzing and investigating cyberattacks, and iii) promoting cybersecurity norms, prevention of attacks and responsible behaviour.

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Helping and defending civilian victims of Cyberattacks

The Institute delivers assistance at scale to the most vulnerable victims of cyberattacks that cause significant, direct harm. Assistance is focused on mobilizing a CyberVolunteer Network, which will work to accelerate victim’s recovery and increasing their resilience.
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Analyzing and investigating Cyberattacks

The Institute facilitates the collective analysis of sophisticated cyberattacks and investigation of the harm they cause. We raise awareness and understanding of the economic and societal impacts of cyberattacks with significant, direct harm; collaborate at a global scale on cyberattack trend analysis, and support efforts to grow expertise in this area of cybersecurity.
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Promoting cybersecurity norms of responsible behavior

The Institute reinforces and advances the role of international law and norms that guide the behavior of states and other actors in cyberspace. This includes increasing public awareness of the impacts of significant cyberattacks, and identifying and addressing potential normative or legal gaps.
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The Institute will aim to reduce the frequency, harm, and scale of cyberattacks by calling for greater restraint in their use, by increasing accountability for attacks that occur, and enhancing capabilities to prevent and recover from attacks.
The Institute will operate strictly in pursuit of its purpose, free from the direction or control of any other actors, including states, industry, and other organizations.
The Institute will support the stability and security of cyberspace rather than the interests of individual actors. As such it will comply with applicable legal frameworks and will not discriminate against cyberattack victims based on their geographic location, philosophical, political or religious beliefs, nationality, race, social status, gender and sexual identity or disabilities.
The Institute will seek to be transparent about its own operations and methodologies and in executing its mission.
The Institute work and interactions with the cybersecurity community and victims of cyberattacks will reflect the highest ethical and analytic standards.
The Institute will be inclusive and collaborative in its approach, cooperating and supporting existing, synergistic efforts.
Why a CyberPeace Institute?

Cyberattacks are causing ever-greater harm to people and civilian infrastructure around the world: there is a sense of urgency as these attacks have become more frequent and more damaging and have highlighted the lack of transparency and accountability in cyberspace. The international community has a shared responsibility to prevent the Internet from becoming “weaponized” and to work towards the promotion of peace in cyberspace. Most importantly, we need to assist communities in need following a large-scale cyberattack and bring cybersecurity stakeholders together to prevent such attacks from causing more harm.

How would the Institute’s work be different than other initiatives and organizations also involved in such area?

The CyberPeace Institute will focus specifically on enhancing the stability of cyberspace by supporting the protection of civilian infrastructures from sophisticated, systemic attacks. In that sense, we believe that no other organization has such mandate. However, the Institute wants to be inclusive and collaborative in its approach, cooperating with and aiming to support but not displace existing, synergistic efforts from other organizations active in this space. The Institute will deliberately be working with, leveraging and building on such efforts that align with our objectives.

What organizations are the main funders of the Institute?

The core funders of the Institute include the Hewlett Foundation, Mastercard, and Microsoft. Several other partners provide smaller amounts of support, ensuring that no single organization provides more than one third of the Institute’s funding.

Where are you located?

The CyberPeace Institute will be based in Switzerland, with its headquarters in Geneva.

How large is the staff of the Institute?

We are excited to be building our team now. Learn more on our careers page.

Will the Institute work with individual citizens to recover from cyberattacks?

The Institute will predominately focus on how to provide assistance at scale, and as such help to individuals is not something we envision at the moment. However, we are working on cooperating with established organizations that do this work today, so that we can refer any requests that we receive to those groups.